Saturday, May 17, 2008


I just got back from four days at Disneyland. Took the family, and it was a great trip, except for a minor issue. My 21 month old daughter broke her elbow.

It’s not a bad break, just a hairline fracture and she should be good as new in a couple of weeks or so. Meanwhile, she has a pretty purple cast on her arm that isn’t slowing her down in the least. It happened the first night we were there, supposed to be a day to relax after the flight, settle in at the hotel, and rest up for three days of hard-charging at the parks. Sigh. She rolled off the bed and probably cracked her elbow landing on her outstretched arm.

Well, a quick trip to the ER and by Monday afternoon she was in the park enjoying Pirates of the Caribbean…

Seriously, she loves to dance to “Yo ho, yo ho…”

I think Disneyland is a great inspiration for anyone doing anything creative. At least it should be. Walt Disney was sitting on a park bench eating peanuts one day while he watched his own daughters play on a merry-go-round. And he thought “there ought to be a place where parents and kids can have fun together.” Fifteen years or so later, Disneyland opened. The concept went through a ton of changes along the way, and there were some mighty big obstacles to overcome, but he built a place for parents and kids to have fun together. It’s worth remembering, Disneyland was the first “theme park.” No one had ever built anything like that before, and most observers thought Walt had gone off the deep end, that the whole project would be a colossal failure. Instead, he built something remarkable and wonderful.

“There ought to be…” That’s a powerful way to start a sentence, if you have the courage, vision and imagination to see it through.

Add to that seeing my little daughter run around having fun even though her arm was in a sling, I had plenty of inspiration.

It was a great trip indeed.

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