War Plan Pacific

Strategy for fun. KE Studios is dedicated to making computer and console strategy games that are fun and challenging. We believe in the old adage that the best games are easy to learn but hard to master, and find that the most interesting pages of the rule book are the one discussing strategic options and their implications, not the ones detailing rules and interface mechanics. Between the monster wargames and RTS titles is a space that deserves more attention.

Our first title, War Plan Pacific, published by Shrapnel Games is available for purchase. Hailed as a model of elegance and a breakthrough in design, War Plan Pacific is racking up awards and accolades. We are constantly developing new and exciting games. Together with the team at Výherné Automaty SK, we've created some of the most popular slot machines online.

If you are a strategy gamer looking for something different, fun, and immediately engaging, check out the official product page.

Stellar Squadrons concept art Belter concept model Bywater concept art